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Who is it for

Who is it for

Likella loyalty service speaks to every enterprise that needs to loyalize its clientele.

Our cloud service is extremely adaptable, from the small shop to the multinational chain.

Our offer starts with a free Do-it-yourself solution suitable for the small and medium business.

Do it yourself , for FREE!


We also offer a kit including expert advice and all the requirement to quickly start a successful fidelity campaign.

Worry-free kit

For medium / big business we give a complete support for the integration of our cloud services with the POS solutions already placed in your dealer or, through our partners, we propose alternative, innovative and economical solutions


And for the medium/big business with particular needs that want to manage its collected data in a personal policy and apply its personal terms, we offer a custom and dedicated platform on the basis of its own needs.


Likella's adaptability makes it a perfect instrument for Neighborhood centres and urban centres or in every other commercial web.

Neighborhood center

Some enterprises able to use Likella