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Do it yourself , for FREE!

Do it yourself , for FREE!

Fidelity cards fai da te con passbookWith Likella, small and medium enterprises can make for free a loyalty campaign with fidelity virtual cards for their business.

Register your enterprise, write down your regulations, print your poster. Done!

Invite immediately your customers to sign up with a social network or your mail, or register them directly from you control panel.

Use a webcam, your smartphone or your tablet to read your customers' cards and assign them points.


Sign up and start your collection of points now, for Free!


Need more information on it?

Follow this guide: Fai da te, Passo a Passo


Do you want to loyalize your customers without internet or a smartphone?

Add PVC Fidelity Cards


Do it yourself is not your cup of tea? Looking for a complete solution of advice, training and assistance?

The kit with no worries includes all you need: Worry-free kit



See how easy it is to make a collection of points and loyalize your customers, all for free!