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Partner Likella

Likella is a do-it-yourself platform and, as many others on the internet, it does not require any specific knowledge or skills to be used; all of this aiming at reducing as much as possible Likella's activation costs.

ApprofondisciWhy Likella is FREE ?

Nonetheless, we know that many people spend a lot of time in their activity and that they often don't have the chance to involve themselves in new topics not strictly belonging to their usual sector of business.

We also know that the marketing and communication world is getting more and more complicated and that, every day, the struggle to gain market shares and to retain one's own customers evolves with new opportunities (and challenges), no matter which is the business:

Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Likella, Youtube, Flickr, Pinterest, QR-code  etc. etc.

Willing or not, if you wish to stay in the market, these are terms to be faced.

In order to help the users opening a store or an activity on Likella, we provide dedicated consultancy and assistance packages. Since Likella has been created for those who work on the ground, this service is entrusted to selected Partners, who will be able to help you in the management of your customer loyalty schemes.

They are accomplished professionals in their field and you will find all the assistance you may need.


"We are looking for partnership with companies, individual enterprises or consultants present on the ground, able to support and activate those new businesses that wish to adopt Likella"



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