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Step 1 : Register your shop/activity

Step 1 : Register your shop/activity

The first step for the merchant who wants to enjoy Likella services is to register its store.

Register now your enterprise, for free!

It's a very easy procedure that will take just a few minutes and consists of filling a form like this:

Aggiungi il tuo negozio per creare raccolta punti

  1. Load a photo:

    Load a photo of your enterprise.

  2. Name:

    Your enterprise name. Write just the name, don't add any other information. es: Erboristeria Mandragola

  3. Url:

    Choose the url for your Likella web page.
    This address will be shared to your clients for their registration, so it's more advisable to choose a short and easy to remind url.

  4. Address:

    Type your enterprise postal address like you would write it in a letter.
    Make sure to type the country as well. es: “Via Pian del Mandorlo, 42, 53026 Pienza SI, Italia”.
    Then move to the next field (Short description) and make sure the address map is showing the right place you typed.

  5. Short description:

    Type a short description of your enterprise with more information such as your offers, opening hours and additional contacts. 

  6. Typology:

    Type in the typology of your enterprise : bar, tobacco shop, restaurant, herbalist's shop

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