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Frequently Asked Questions

In the Likella backoffice there is the menu entry "card reader", but my webcam does not read the loyalty cards saved in the customer's smartphone.

In order to use the "card reader" it is necessary to have a webcam of good quality and equipped with AutoFocus; typically, a notebook's webcam has a fixed focus and therefore it is not apt for the purpose.

Among the webcams that we have tested and that quickly read the QR-code, we report:


The customer is present in the customer list with web address, first and last name, but there is not any social-icon (Facebook or Google+), nor the light blue check mark "Verified" in the dedicated column.

The customer has become STAR of the store through the form "register by e-Mail" and he/she has accepted the terms of use and privacy policy well highlighted in the text:

Clicking on "Register" you confirm to accept the terms of use and the privacy policy of Likella.

But the user has not yet verified the email, maybe because the e-mail address given was incorrect; to avoid such eventuality, verify with the user the correctness of the information provided by him/her.


I opened a shop and I added customers; one of which was inserted with its cell  number: what should I do to grant him to enter with his own data because I do not have his e-mail?

Customer added, by shop admin, as a shop's STAR using shop's backoffice by the way of customer cell number is in effect a Likella user; he can access his profile and check points assigned by the store following the link:

Password:(password from shop's admin)

user can change his data whenever he want.