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Loyalty Card for Travel Agencies

Loyalty Card for Travel Agencies

Travel AgenciesFidelity Card Agenzie Viaggi

At first sight, today, a loyalty card for a travel agency could seem unusual, if not useless.

But last minute purchases have become an important source of revenues for travel agencies.

Then, it could be really useful for the agency to send to the most loyal customer last minute promotions or the latest news about trips not to be missed.

This could be done in many different ways, but Likella gets it done with the latest technologies, at the minimum cost; with this only platform 3 different products are available:


Teenger Fidelity CardRetain your customers, create a loyal base for your clientele... maybe you already do it and it will not be Likella to teach how to do it, but try to look beyond the Pillars of Hercules, you might find something better ;-)



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