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Likella Free WiFi to boost the adoption your customer loyalty schemes

Likella Free WiFi to boost the adoption your customer loyalty schemes


Router Access Point Likella Free WiFi

Boost your customer loyalty programs allowing everyone nearby your store to freely surf the internet through your ADSL connection; in return each user will be registered as your customer and will receive the loyalty card of your commercial activity.

Un'altro centro fidelizzati con LikellaYou give me something and I give you something !

Router WIFI Likella
Access Point / Router Likella FREE WIFI - setup already done with the name of your shop € 160,00

 ¹Prices VAT excluded - Transportation expenses (Italy) included - Internet connection costs excluded

Likella anche per non espertiThe WIFI router is set up by the Likella technicians with the name of your shop and it allows an open and free internet connection, provided that the user becomes a STAR of the shop, by the standard procedure which lets him/her choose among the following options to register:

To activate the LIKELLA WIFI service, it just takes to connect the Likella router to the ADSL router that you have received or bought when you activated the ADSL connection; there is no need for any further configuration of the Likella router. Before your purchase, please verify that the ADSL contract you have subscribed is at least 4MBs and that the ADSL router is set up as an DHCP server (99% of the ADSL routers is already in this setup).

Un'altro centro fidelizzati con LikellaThe Likella WIFI is a fantastic instrument of marketing for Restaurants and Hotel: 90% of their guests who have chosen Likella have chosen to register when using the Likella WIFI.

*** The Likella router does NOT use cellphone number and SMS to activate the connection, it is open and it is really straightforward to register !!

Access to the web

Example of how to access to the shop's connection from iPad. The Likella Router Access Point, with the name "Piccoli Regali", as visible from the list of available networks, is open.

WiFi accesso al router Likella


Access to Internet by the user

The access and the request for the specific WIFI take place only at the very first time a user connects.

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List updated on 15.1.2013

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