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Loyalty card for Perfumeries

Loyalty card for Perfumeries

PerfumeryFidelity card per profumerie

All of the most important perfumery shop chains have their own loyalty card; single medium-small perfumeries have less and less room in the market: it has become paramount to keep high the marketing and retain the clientele with professionalism, competence, ability to give the right advice, etc.

In any case, price is always a fundamental driver of sales volume and revenues.

Then, the solution is to offer to the clientele targeted promotions and discounts, at the right time, without affecting significantly one's own margin of profit, which is pivotal for the welfare of the business.

Likella is the best instrument for this goal and, moreover, it introduces an innovative element for the younger generations, thanks to its integration with smartphones.

For example, do you autonomously register as loyal customer of the perfumery ? you will have 10€ of discount at your first purchase ! and if you share it on your Facebook profile you will receive an extra 5% discount, beside the usual point collection.

It's simple and gratis, just try it ! It's Likella !!!










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