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Fidelity Card for Business Improvement Districts, the natural evolution of shopping. Likella is with the BID.

Fidelity Card for Business Improvement Districts, the natural evolution of shopping. Likella is with the BID.

Business Improvement DistrictCentri Commerciali Naturali

A Business Improvement District (BID) is an aggregation of retailers and shops, that try to answer to the growth and diffusion of the Malls, usually sited outside of the city center.

Instead, a BID aggregates the shops sited in the city center, or in a specific quarter, or in a street; while remaining single and independent entities these retailers gather together in order to activate commercial and marketing strategies, aiming at bringing back the people to shop in the city, at the open air and -probably- in a more human and traditional way compared to how they shop in the malls, always indoor, with constant music and without any human relation between retailer and customer.

BIDs diffusion has recently boosted and they are by now a known reality, which does not have to be an exclusive alternative to the traditional malls; they can both develop at the same time in different contexts.

On one side

On the other

Both systems can coexist and solve conflicting problems, provided that the BID manages to activate those customer retention mechanisms that the marketing force of the traditional malls can easily exploit:

Likella is the best answer to this challenge because it does not only use the same IT technologies exploited by the traditional malls, but it also takes advantage of other instruments and reduces the cost for a BID to almost zero.Davide Contro Golia (Copyright non trovato)

Attention: Likella enables the BID to attack the traditional mall, like David against Goliath.

ApprofondisciWhy Likella is FREE ?

Likella enables (in brackets what the malls do):

For example, with Likella it is possible, at the same time, to differentiate the marketing activities, each shop with its own discounts and point collection (individuality), and to collaborate all together participating to a "reward program" for all the customers (aggregation of common interest). In this way the customer receives:

do you still think it is not enough ??

Likella activates 2 more levels for the BID

in both cases, the HW & SW costs using Likella are extremely low: just a monthly subscription (for the association) of -> see Likella Store















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