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Loyalty card for hardware stores

Loyalty card for hardware stores

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Despite of the superstores dealing in the do-it-yourself that have aggressively entered the market, many small medium hardware stores still survives.

Apparently, they don't suffer this competition as one might have expected.

Probably because, beyond the sale price, in a smaller shop the customer can have a more direct relationship with the retailer, find exactly the small thing he/she was looking for, have more attention and receive the best advices for his/her own particular problem: really often the customer comes to the shop not just to buy some thing, but to find help and advice.

Maybe there is not even competition on the large-size purchases, but in all the other cases, which still have acceptable margin of profit, the small hardware shop can fare pretty well.

Then, since customers are coming to the shop, it would be better to retain them, transform them in loyal ones, possibly even reward them in the respect of prices.

Likella can for sure help you in this, because it's straight away ready to be exploited with NO costs: it enables the shops to create the best point collection for the clientele and boost or start new customer loyalty schemes.

And there is already a great example of hardware shop using and enjoying Likella, just follow the link: Who is using Likella









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