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Loyalty card for optical stores

Loyalty card for optical stores

OpticiansFidelity card negozi di ottica

The optical sector is a mature one, every shop has necessarily a database full of the data from the customers: with the exception of sunglasses purchases, every single customer has always to provide its personal information... and he/she typically becomes a regular of the shop.

But things are changing: large low-cost chains have aggressively entered the market, causing important changes in the price strategies, also given the good operating margin typical of the sector.

So, why not to adopt a loyalty card ?

In small shops the regular customers are loyal and can even be known one by one, but why not to reward their loyalty with dedicated promotions ?

Likella enables every kind of retailer to exploit a loyalty card, without committing into expensive plasticized cards, why not to try? Likella offers a large range of services for free!
Moreover, with Likella Wifi, each customer, while waiting for his/her turn, can freely surf the internet: it just requires to register (for free as well) to your virtual loyalty card!












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