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Loyalty card for discos

Loyalty card for discos

DiscothequeFidelity card per discoteche

Imagine all the PR adding guests to their lists by iPhone, differentiating the lists, classifying the customers to reward the "most loyal" ones.

We are not talking about the usual app for discos, that, yes, it's always useful and, if you really want it, we can still do it with Likella.

We are talking about something completely new, a powerful database, storing information about all the people frequenting or that have frequented the club. These people will want to provide their info to the database, because in this way they get into the guest-list for the disco.

Everyone having a smartphone can "check in" just with it, then you can easily know who comes to the club the most often, who consumes the most, who is the best PR, which hits are liked most... it sounds like a game, but it's actually the future reality, with Likella this is all possible !

Actually, you can even open an account on likella, where your PR register as STAR and then:

and you can always have all the information in real time.

Thanks to Likella, tons of opportunities and new methods to enhance and develop your marketing strategies for your nights are made available.

All of this, of course to spread even more the buzz and reach more and more customers ;-)











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