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Rates and prices

Rates and prices

"Do-it-yourself": FREE

Likella "Do-it-yourself" platform is free and makes available several services to be managed independently:

All these features and more are free and available just by signing up.

In the free procedure Likella retains the right to publish promotional messages oriented to registered enterprises and visible only for managers, not their final clients.

“All inclusive” : € 499,00

If "Do-it-yourself" is not your cup of tea, and you want all the guarantees and the please of a full service, we propose a special kit that merges Likella basis feature (described above) to training, expert advice and all the necessary useful for a great start.

Additional pieces

You can expand your Likella any time with:


Likella in your Software Cash register

Likella gives total support to its services cloud integration in your Software Cash register or other third party retail software.
The integration is possible through Likella API Enterprises, a cloud service that considers a fee per transaction.

API Enterprises offer:

API Enterprises fee are on-call contract and have the following prices:

Prezi servizi web cloud Likella

Likella white label

All the solutions showed above consider the agreement of the Likella terms and conditions of use and privacy rules (Likella is holder of the stored data) both for the merchant and for his customers. 

It's possible to ask for a custom version of the Likella platform, prepared with privacy rules, terms and conditions specific for your enterprise.

This will allow your enterprise to completely custom Likella platform and to be holder of the stored data:

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