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Loyalty card for toy stores

Loyalty card for toy stores

ToysFidelity card per negozi di giocattoli

It is known that children comeback to the places where they had most fun and they liked the best.

By now, most small shops of toys have been supplanted by larger structure, actually by real superstores.

Many have come back to the shop specialized in wood, books and toys at high added value; typically targeting a clientele with rich budget of expense, usually equipped with smartphones of the latest generation.

Beside the expense budget, it is always important the opportunity to offer discounts, promotions and rewards to the most loyal customers. This leads us to exploit Likella, that, with no added costs, enables even the small business to deploy a customer loyalty scheme, including promotions and point collections, but also direct communication (by email) with the clientele, to keep them updated on the latest toys launches or special events dedicated to the kids.








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