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Guide: What is a loyalization?

Guide: What is a loyalization?

The term loyalization means a combination of marketing actions made to keep the existing clientele. It happens mostly by creating the highest possible level of satisfaction of the customer.

One of the most efficient technique to increase the customer satisfaction and, for istance, its trust rate, is the customer prizegiving.

The more your customer purchases in your shop, the more he/she deserves prizes and consideration, the more he/she feels rewarded and encouraged to come back and spend. 

Rewarding a customer doesn't mean only giving him/her your products as your prizes or sales on other purchases, but it also means giving benefits or exclusive services and more consideration (special reserved seats, priority queue, dedicated house-to-house services, ecc.)

Therefore, there are two main points to implement in loyalization:

All along the principal loyalization instrument is the fidelity card (or loyalty card).
The importance of branding a card is that, on the one hand, the customer has immediately a sense of belonging to it and, on the other hand, it reveals itself a useful and efficient instrument to recognise him in a sure and univocal way.

Cos'è la fidelizzazione