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Loyalty card to shoe stores man / woman

Loyalty card to shoe stores man / woman

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Competition is getting stronger and stronger in the footwear sector; to maintain high the volume of sales and to keep up with the discounted foreign competition is a real challenge.

In order to be able to preserve a margin of profit, it's essential to be the "cool shop", the one dictating the trends. Even those ones meeting these two targets must always be aware of the competition and of the risk to lose customers; new instruments are needed to stimulate the attention and the interest of the clientele.

For all these reasons, striving to keep high margins of profit, to work in top of the price range, the idea of involving the customers into using their iPhone can be - besides entertaining - an effective mean to create a loyal clientele and retain one's own customers.

One thing is a sure fact: purchases through e-commerce in the footwear sector are constantly increasing, in the whole price range: it's time to react !!

Likella can be the solution in this direction.






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