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Loyalty card for Speedy Pizza and takeaway Pizza

Loyalty card for Speedy Pizza and takeaway Pizza

Pizzeria takeoutFidelity card per Pizzerie da asporto Speedy Pizza

Every takeout pizzeria has its own business card, which actually works as a loyalty card: it has the contacts of the pizzeria and, often, it offers a point collection to have the tenth pizza for free.

It's simple, cheap and it works.. but not really always.

It is absolutely common that the customer forgets at home his/her card...

Of course, in this case the card still reaches its goal, but the customers are not as happy and, considering the aggressive competition, it would be better to improve the service, to find a new solution.

Likella is the solution: it does not requires anymore to print any physical card, the point assignment is carried out digitally by PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone, whatever the pizzeria already uses... and that's it. With NO costs, you will have:

It's simple and gratis, just try it ! It's Likella !!!










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