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Loyalty card for wellness centers, solarium, SPA

Loyalty card for wellness centers, solarium, SPA

SPA, wellness centersFidelity card per centri benessere, solarium, SPA

Many SPA or wellness-centers have already a loyalty card for their customers.

In this business, the customer loyalty schemes are a known necessity and there are well defined methodologies.

Yet, something has changed in the last years, "the crisis" has quickly hit all the sectors and today it is paramount to find new ways to attract and retain customers.

Different researches for this sector have highlighted a drop in the prices offered to the user, aiming at avoiding the interruption of clientele's subscriptions, which can follow 3 formulas:

all of this, together with cuts to costs and probably drop in the quality of the service provided (e.g. the control of the lamps for the Solarium)

Likella offers a drastic cut to the costs of the loyalty schemes, but together with an increment of the direct marketing (e.g. by email) toward both new and regular customers:

The customer is invited to accept the privacy agreement at the act of receiving the subscription email

and that's it !!






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