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Loyalty cards for clothing stores

Loyalty cards for clothing stores

ClothingFidelity Card Abbigliamento

Among clothing shops, many different typologies can be identified: for both men and women, only for men or only for women; another fundamental distinction is based on the quality, or on the Brand and, therefore, on price segment.

Whichever is the category, the necessity to retain customers has been becoming stronger and stronger mainly because of:

Today it is necessary, even for medium-small businesses, to activate new channels for sales and new ways for retaining loyal customers.

For those who have not yet found the solution, Likella offers a modern system of marketing and rewards for the clientele, especially for the younger ones that can receive and spread the buzz of the digital loyalty card, got from their favorite shop in 5 minutes through Facebook or Google's circles.

Teenger Fidelity CardLikella is ready for you, to boost your loyalty schemes with a virtual loyalty card, the best one for a teenage target.



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