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Guida: Why Loyalizing?

Guida: Why Loyalizing?

Loyalizing a customer allows to get a real repayment of the invested resources, especially for the medium/long period. 

Not to be overlooked is the promotion byproduct: a satisfied client promotes your business to his/her friends, bringing a promotional return as well because of a high level of satisfaction.
This viral effect can be enhanced by instruments as Likella able to merge loyalization and social networks.

Moreover it's important to consider that getting back lost clients is more expensive than loyalizing them and avoiding their loss.
Statistics show that acquiring a client is 20 times more expensive than keeping him/her, but to keep him, you need to loyalize him.

Indeed a satisfied customer comes back and buys again: that's why it's so important for every company or enterprise to achieve a relevant amount of trusted clients that guarantee a solid and long-lasting basis of sales volume.

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