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Guide: How to achieve a fidelity campaign

Guide: How to achieve a fidelity campaign

The two main points to implement are:

The main instruments to fulfill these premises are the fidelity card and a collection of points based on the purchase price. 

Fidelity cards can be traditional (normally in PVC) or virtual. The most efficient solution is considering both the ways and make your client decide which one fits the best.

In small enterprises or wherever the experience of purchasing is quite relaxed, is possible to recognise the customer even with no card, but just asking for his full name.
Clearly, this way gets harder to do in a crowdy situation with short periods and basic automatism at cash registers.

For every purchase a sum of points is recognised to the client in relation with the price of his buy. It's important not to establish complicated regulations hard to understand for the clientele.
A few clear rules and a tempting prize affordable in a short period make the collection more pleasing and the loyalization more probable.

With Likella you have the chance to actualize all these fidelity strategies described above.

Strumneti per fidelizzare (carte fedeltà, lettore carte fedeltà)