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Guida: Writing the collection of points regulations

Guida: Writing the collection of points regulations

Italian rules and regulations about the collection of points are described in the Ministry of Economic Development website.

A "Reward program" is a collection of points where the prize is given when you reach the established amount of points.
Otherwise "Lotteries" work through a random extraction, so that the prize is not certain.

It's important to consider that, in case of:
- prizes consist of extra quantity of some promoted products.
- prizes consist of discounts on prices of products and services belonging to the same category of the products purchased.
- prizes consist of discounts on a product or service of a different category, as long as they're not offered to encourage the purchase of the promoted product.
you are excluded from the norm so that you don't have bureaucratic obligations.

See ART 6

The easiest and the most efficient way it to offer sales on articles already bought or other services and extra products. 

When you write a regulation, that shoul be easy and clear, you should specify these points:

Example of a regulation

Regolamento raccolta punti. (Normative e leggi)“Mandragola herbalist's shop collection of points”
Collection of points promoted by Mandragola herbalist's shop. Via Madonnina 1 Pienza. P.IVA 233423423434. TEL 343543535.

This collection is completely free and speaks to every customer registered to the Likella fidelity campaign.
Users can sign up for free visiting or being registered by the shopkeeper, previously accepting terms and conditions via mail or sms.
Points can be collected with the identification of the customer as a user registered in the shop (showing the virtual or real fidelity card or through full name)
1 point is given per 1 euro spent in the shop.
Every 100 points customers will get a 30% discount on a purchase where the maximum amount of sale is 100€.
Points can be stored from January 1 2013 to January 1 2014, and spent until March 1 2014.

It's important to raffle valuable and short-achievable prizes, because collections with insignificant prizes or long schedules don't encourage clients to loyalize.

You can get more information on the italian laws Normative.