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How does Likella Loyalty Card work ?

How does Likella Loyalty Card work ?

  1. EASY AND GRATISPila Fidelity Card

    Fedeltà semplice con LikellaFirst of all:

    «IF all the customer got all the loyalty cards offered by the different shops they frequent, the pile of cards in their wallet would be, more or less, as the picture on the side...»


    Likella enables the management of anonymous cards, namely cards not assigned to any specific customer; using a smartphone (like your iPhone or Android) it is possible to load points to the card you have given to the customer when he shows it at the counter.

    Compared to all other possible solutions for customer loyalty schemes, with Likella, you always save money and you can grow without any additional cost.

    No wonder if Likella is free of charge: Likella was conceived to provide also the small commercial businesses and shops with the same marketing instruments that, so far, have been exclusively exploited by the big chains and supermarkets. Using Likella you will have the chance to surpass the competition, improving the quality of the service you offer.

    ApprofondisciWhy Likella is FREE ?

    Hundreds of online services have adopted the FREE model and Likella wants to do the same for the management of the customer loyalty schemes and it wants to do it in the simplest possible way, ensuring 100% coverage of your customers.

    Often because of lack of time, in order to avoid filling in forms and not to have to keep in the wallet the umpteenth plasticized card, many customer escape the customer loyalty schemes of the shops, missing discounts and promotions. These are missed opportunities of affectionate customers growth and, most of all, of establishing an effective communication channel with your customers. But now things are changing, Apple has introduced ApprofondisciPassbook on its iPhone and you will see that many app and users will exploit these new instruments: Likella has gone beyond, it empowers you to retain your customers and to provide them with a loyalty card in just 5 minutes and free of charge for them and for you: easy, isn't it ?

    ApprofondisciLoyalty Card in 5 minutes



    Likella is an innovative instrument, easy and fast, designed to enhance your commercial activity. It is a platform completely open and FREE, both for retailers and for their customers.

    Fate centro con LikellaYou do not have to buy cards anymore, nor to have forms filled in and privacy agreement signed; just open your shop on Likella, we will take care of the rest.

    Merging the social network world of Facebook and Google+ to the one of retailing, Likella creates the basis for a completely new range of services that will excite both you and your customers. These latter ones will be able to participate into your loyalty schemes autonomously, even from home: they see your shop online, quickly register themselves through Facebook or Goggle+ and immediately receive your loyalty card on PC, phone or paper if they don't have yet a smartphone.

    Approfondisci60 Loyalty Cards in 24 hours with no costs !!


    When they come to your shop you can verify their card on their phone or from the backoffice and load to their account the points corresponding to their purchase. With Likella you can communicate by email sending them news or private messages.

    Connecting your shop's Facebook page (not your personal profile page) you will be able to put in contact your virtual fans (from Facebook) to the real ones (from Likella), thus merging the best of the two worlds !!



    Any retailer can register on Likella and open its own page inserting the few information required in the dedicated registration form, without any commitment and with no cost in the present nor in the future.

    From the information provided, Likella recognizes the shop's GPS position, so that it is always perfectly localized and recognizable.

    Then the shop's name is added, for example "Ice Cream Gino": now the shop is online at the address

    There is no problem if you have more stores, Likella easily manages more retailing points. Even better, with Likella you will be able to select the customer you decide to communicate with, for examples those ones frequenting the "shop A", thus without bothering those ones frequenting a "shop B".


    Each retail point registered in Likella is a page provided with a third level address indexed by Google, for example: "". There is also the opportunity to personalize the service with one's own domain name choice, for example ""¹.

    Willing or not, Google+ and, most of all, Facebook, despite of the revenue's forecasts, in this last year have still sensationally increased, especially extending their use to every social and age segment: you cannot ignore this change  and we will help you in following it.

    Likella is the only platform for customer retention, conceived ex-novo, integrated and connected with the new communication instruments; Likella perfectly integrates with Facebook, synching the posts and thus greatly incrementing the added value of the time spent for the shop's marketing.

    The power of shopping malls and the sales by e-commerce are pushing the retailer to look for new instruments, apt to today's timing and instruments:

    Fai centro con la Fidelity Card Likella per piccoli negoziLikella is the instrument needed to face and tame this challenge, because it was born Social & Local

    If you connect your Facebook page to the shop on Likella, you will be able to post automatically the FB news on the Likella page and obtain an increment of Likes; if you don't want a Facebook page, we will help you to understand the potentiality of these instruments and to get the maximum advantage form them.



    The customer becomes the STAR of the shop. The service of Likella is the identification of the user as a shop's loyal customer.

    A user is registered in Likella just once ApprofondisciPrivacy Policy

    Later, a registered user can become STAR of a shop with one simple click: in such a way he/she becomes one of the shop's loyal customers. Let's say i have a drugstore and my neighbor has a bookstore and another friend of mine owns a restaurant, if any customer has already registered into Likella for one of these shops, then it will take just once click to get the loyalty card from all the others !!

    Fedeltà semplice con LikellaCould you even imagine a faster or easier method ?

    To register through social network on one side spares the customer the bother nuisance of filling in paper forms, on the other it enriches the traditional set of information gathered at the registration: not only first and last name, etc., but also social public data such as, for example, his/her picture, friendships, preferences... of course in the full respect of the privacy regulation! ApprofondisciPrivacy Policy

    The act of affiliation of a customer to a retail point has been named "Become a STAR"; becoming a STAR of the shop the user will feel - and will actually be - a preferential and courted customer.

    Fidelity Card per EspertiThe customer's loyalty card is characterized by a code for each customer-shop couple, but optionally, the same code can be valid for a whole chain of retailing points. This code can also be flanked and/or substituted by bar codes for interfacing the same card with the existing client relationship management (CRM) systems².


    Showing at the desk hi/her own loyalty card, the user is readily identified as STAR of the shop. Even small shops can scan (taking a photo) with a smartphone the customer's code and thus verify his/her identity and assign, if needed, the points to his/her account.

    Likella Video Tutorial Watch the VideoTutorial 

    the customer's "verification" and/or the assignment of points can be easily executed by computer, the same one used to manage the logistics, the emails...

    Fidelity Card per EspertiFor the stores of medium/large size, Likella allows the software installed at the existing tills to interface to its own system of Graph API (Application Program Interface); the management of the virtual loyalty cards will be therefore completely integrated with whichever software is already existing.


    Once the store's registration has been done, the retailer can print out straight away the QR code of the shop and place where all the customers can easily see it: at the desk, in the shop window... It is possible to print out the QR code with a normal printer or send it to a typographer to have a higher quality print. Likella has the format suitable to any application. Beside the QR code, Likella supports the innovative tag NFC that allows the customer to become a STAR with just one "touch".

    A Smart Poster is a placard featured with a QR code, web address and, optionally, with tag NFC, advertising the web address of a shop. The customer, taking a simple picture of the QR code, or using NFC, or typing directly the web address in his/her own smartphone, will be led to a page offering to register to the service or, if already registered, presenting the new loyalty card.


    Once the shop's registration has been completed, it is possible to easily access to all the other services offered by Likella with your own phone or computer. The opening of more retailing points, the creation a smart poster, the validation of the loyalty cards, the creation of collection point campaigns and many other services are immediately available. Likella provides the retailer a backoffice that let him/her manage:

    1. the retail point
    2. the loyal customers
    3. the point collections
    4. news and promotions
    5. etc. etc.


    The effective instrument to boost the customer loyalty schemes and shop promotions is "Likella WIFI". This service lets your customers to surf the internet for free after that they have become STAR of the shop, thus after they have activated their loyalty card. As for the SmartPoster, the customer registration takes place in few clicks thorough the social networks.

    WiFi note di utilizzoThe WIFI is open and free, but it allows the access to the web only after the registration, which takes place through the same procedure of Likella.

    Likella WIFI can be purchased in the Likella Store and will remain property of the retailer.



    The retailer and the customers are associated by common interests: sell and buy at the best conditions. The retailer can count on a base of customers who have chosen to become a STAR of the shop and he/she can prepare for them promotions and special offers or even just make digital, quick, safe and free flyer-offers.

    The costumer wishes to get the promotions, special offers and discounts and, by email, SMS or Facebook he/she receives these information in real time.







(¹) service under subscription
(²) Likella is ideal to expand and merge to the social&mobile world the already existing retention schemes .


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