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500 Loyalty Cards in less than 24 hours

500 Loyalty Cards in less than 24 hours

500 virtual & gratis loyalty cards for your business500 Fidelity Card in 24 ore

We were not sure whether or not to write this  part of Likella's documentation, but, in the end, we couldn't avoid expressing all the potentialities introduced by the title of this page.

Likella was born to exploit the virtual world in order to help the real one in customer retention: the idea is not to use anymore the cumbersome and expensive plastic cards (PVC), but to use instead the smartphones, already widespread, which can really contain anything, thus also the dematerialized loyalty cards

«In Likella we say that it is the simple evolution of things, maybe there is no answer or valid reason, things just go like this and we strive to anticipate them, because we believe first of all in innovation and in the human ability to adapt to changes. The not-so-young will remember that most of the people in the 90s barely knew what internet was and cellphones were the latest innovation... instead now, after few years, they are integral part of our lives»

So, using Likella, exploiting the virtual world (Facebook and Google+ in particular) it is possible to activate in 24 hours at least 500 loyalty cards for your shop. Actually even more, using social networks, as it is well known for certain events, the contacts can get to thousands or even millions... probably this is not the case, but...


What do you need to make 500 cards in less than 24 hours:

further steps:


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