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Step 3: Print your poster

Step 3: Print your poster

Have you ever wondered why everytime you shop you've been asked if you've got your fidelity card?

It's not a weird hang-up or act of kindness of the cashier, but a marketing strategy adopted by the supermarket managers.

Rarely a client shows interest on his own initiative if not stimulated or encouraged.

So what should we do then ?

Print a poster of your collection of points and place it near the cash register.
For every purchase ask the client if he/she already has a fidelity card.
If not, describe him which benefits he could get (points, prizes and sales) and invite him to sign up by scanning the qr-code or by visiting the url reported in the poster.

It's important to consider a registration through kiosk or by hand (giving a PVC card) in case the client doesn't have a smartphone. 

Poster espositore cassa per aderida alla fidelity cards


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