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Your own Loyalty Card in 5 minutes

Your own Loyalty Card in 5 minutes

  1. Create your business or store in few seconds

    Add straight away your business! It's easy: you can do it by yourself and free of charge! You will have a dedicated page and your customers will register to it, simply taking a picture of the SmartPoster, using the store's WiFi or even at home, without ever filling out any form.
    Just by doing so, the customer acquires the store's loyalty card. Fedeltà semplice con LikellaCould you even imagine an easier or faster way ?

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  2. Print the SmartPoster of your store

    Print out the SmartPoster containing the personalized QRCode and your web site address, then just invite your customers to register. You can place the SmartPoster by the counter or in the shop window. For those customers without a smartphone, register them using the Likella backoffice: Likella supports the registration by SMS too.

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  3. Activate your point collection

    You can create your point collection from your backoffice. Choose among the different methods:

    1. sum up all the amount of the customer's purchases;
    2. detract each purchase from a prepaid amount (with Subscription)
    3. sum up points (little stars), like with drilled cards, until the customer reaches a prize or coupon
    4. sum up points assigned so that the customer can reach the prizes of the point collection

    Define your own personalized regulation and your are ready to start.
    Other modalities will soon be available.

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  4. Assign points to your customers

    You can assign points to the customer's loyalty card in the modality you prefer:

    1. Directly from the Likella backoffice.
    2. Using your smartphone to read the customer's smartphone card (for example on PassBook iPhone).
    3. Using your smartphone to read the customer's card that he/she has printed at home.
    4. Using your smartphone to read the card you have given to your customer
    5. Using your smartphone to assign the points to the card you have anonymously given, namely that you have given to the customer even if he/she is not registered in Likella.


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  5. Assign a prize to your customers

    When the customer completes the point collection, according to its regulation, you can reward him/her with a prize. There are no predefined standards regarding either the regulation or the kind of prizes to reward the customers.

    According to your business sector, you know the needs and wishes of your customers: some may prefer discounts related to your business, others more material prizes... it is just important to be fair and satisfy your customers, which is definitely the reason you are reading these pages.

    If, instead, you want to assign prizes not related to your business or you want to start a contest, beware of the relative legislation. (In Italy, D.P.R 430/2001 deals with the regulation of these contest).

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  6. Loyalty card or physical loyalty card (plastic, paper...)

    Likella looks at the future.
    Soon or later, everyone will use a smartphone, like "iPhone" (actually, it is already the case). These devices will be used for many purposes, some of which are now unimaginable. Regarding loyalty cards, instead, they have already been dealt with by Likella: as a matter of fact, Likella was already available before that Apple introduced Passbook with the iPhone 5.
    So, if you have doubts about Likella, you look at what the world leading smartphone company is doing: you will understand that Likella is for you, choosing Likella you get on the right track and, above all, you are taking this road free of any charge.

    ApprofondisciWhy Likella is FREE ?

    But if you still like the physical loyalty cards and you want to offer them to your customers, don't worry, Likella, on demand, is able to provide cards of any kind and shape, according to your tastes. 

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  7. Costs ?

    Is it possible it is this simple and has no costs ?
    Yes it is, you can do it all with no initial cost and no commitment.
    Likella has been thought to provide the newest technologies to every shop, store or business. The smartphone is becoming the most important device in the next years, if not months, why should you still use loyalty cards born more than 30 years ago !?!
    It is really easy, why don't you just try ?

    no more video tutorial ... but if you like Likella, send us your own video or tell us your experience in building your customer's loyalty with no costs.



*If WiFi Likella available

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