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Retain your customers: a few examples of those who already use Likella

Retain your customers: a few examples of those who already use Likella

Lots of shops and stores already use Likella for their customer loyalty schemes; here we offer a short list of examples, for different commercial sectors, showing the customer retention strategies chosen by the managers. Likella never compels the manager to use one single method for either the customer registration or the assignment of points and discounts. Compared to other customer loyalty schemes, Likella provides a wide range of options for the registration and its service is free, so that it actually reaches outstanding affiliation results, close to 90% of the customers !!



Vittorio Parrucchieri Fidelty Card

Vittorio Parrucchieri in Ravenna, uses Likella for its customer retention schemes and has completely forsaken the previous system; Vittorio, Marianna and AnnaLisa are so enthusiastic and satisfied Likella that they actively help the Likella Development Team to add new features or improvements to the platform.

Today, the customers affiliate to the salon by different modalities:



Les Amis - hairdresser Unisex in Prato is a team of young and dynamic hairdressers, fond of beauty and style, really passionate about their job, always able to catch the latest trends.

They have their own Facebook page, with more than 500 Likes; therefore they have understood straightaway the potentiality offered by Likella: opening the Likella shop and connecting it to the Facebook page, they have invited all their FB followers to become a STAR of the salon and to receive their virtual loyalty card.

Everyday their customers become STAR and receive the loyalty card, thanks to which they gain access to a great offer of point collection for the salon's services.






Out Door Abbigliamento Fidelty Card

OutDoor, in Ravenna, offers sportswear from the major brands. Sited in the central street Cavour, it proposes to all its customers to participate, with the loyalty card, to its point collection, that gives them access to great promotions and discounts. The customers become STAR of OutDoor by:



Dream Abbigliamento & Calzature, in Oulx, is located in Val di Susa. It is the typical store that, even if far from any big city, manages to retain its customers thanks to Likella; every customer is provided with a loyalty card that rewards him/her for his/her purchases.

In this case as well, the Facebook page of the store is in sync.




Istruzioni Bar Gianni per fidelizzare la clientela

Bar Gianni, in Gavardo, is a wine bar offering to its customers a loyalty card that is rechargeable. Both recharge and new orders can be done by smartphone. The customers can continuously check their orders and account balance via their Likella profile or via e-mail.




Profumeria GM Fidelity Card

ProfumeriaGM, in Barrafranca, uses Likella for its traditional customers, but also for those ones who purchase online, from Italy or abroad. ProfumeriaGM has chosen Likella for its customer loyalty schemes because of its simplicity and flexibility, which are intrinsic in the platform.



Hardware store

Sider Progress, in Casalnuovo, uses with great satisfaction Likella to retain its customers, offering them discounts based on the volume of their purchases.

Sider Pogress Fidelity Card Ferramente

The customers of Sider Progress have become STAR of the store by:




There are no words to express the satisfactionOutlet Ripa Calzature Fidelity Card of the administrator of Ripa Calzature, Porto Sant'Elpidio, so we just report word by word their recent post on FaceBook:

«....abbiamo una clientela davvero futuristica!!! Quanto state avanti Ripine mie....ekkivifermapiù!!!!!!!
60 FIDELITY CARD elettroniche in 24 ore!!! SIETE MITICHE.....»

«....we have really futuristic customers!!! My dear Ripa, you are always one step ahead.... NoOneCanStopYouNow!!!!!!!
60 electronic LOYALTY CARD in 24 hours!!! YOU ARE LEGENDARY.....»


Association & Club

Associazioni e club fidelity card con Likella

Likella is like the fountain of youth for all the associations.

Creating a Likella "shop-Association" provides the group with the same services used by the commercial businesses:

From the data center office of an association we have received the following statement:

«Il sistema più innovativo-tecnologico e allo stesso tempo immediato e di semplice utilizzo, non solo per i negozianti ma anche per le esigenze associative! Con un clic i nostri associati possono sapere la loro situazione su rinnovi tesseramento ed eventi/iniziative in programma... tutto questo è Likella
Firmato: Ufficio CED »

«The most innovative, the easiest and simplest system, not only for commercial activities but also for associations! With a single click our members have access to all latest information of the association: from subscription renewal to events and initiatives .... Likella is all of this.  Signed: Data Center Office »

We thank the National Association of Carabinieri from Barrafranca to have tested Likella, found it as a valid instrument for the association and given us back the precious feedback.




Hand Made

Likella Hande Made Shop

Stregozio is the name of a small shop sited in the central square "Piazza del Popolo", in Ravenna.

Stregozio produces and sells wizards, fairies, gnomes, witches and its motto is:

«Come in with your Heart in your Stregozio... Leave out any useless vice... try to fly on the wings of the Heart... »

Stregozio provides all its loyal customers with:




Pharmacy and para-pharmaciesFidelity card per Farmacie e ParaFarmacie

Parapharmacy Grasso, from Lecce, is specialized in therapies and advisory for the elderly:

The Likella Partner of Lecce, Marco Lambertini, advises the pharmacy's marketing; they use Likella for the customer loyalty schemes because of the incredibly low cost required to start a loyalty campaign.