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Likella, the first application to make the virtual loyalty cards available on Passbook iPhone

Likella, the first application to make the virtual loyalty cards available on Passbook iPhone

PassbookLikella prima su Passbook

The following paragraph is the press release from Likella that was sent, few days after the release of iOS6 and of iPhone 5, to the agencies and blogs dedicated to Apple news and smartphone innovations.

Likella prima su Passbook - centroLikella has been the first app/platform in the world to make available on passbook the virtual loyalty cards, obviously beside the 4 apps preinstalled by Apple itself

«Likella is the new platform loyalty do-it-yourself. Extremely simple, fast and free of charge, it makes it possible to prepare a personalized point collection. The retailer just needs to print the SmartPoster from the website and invite its own clients to subscribe by smartphone. No app is required, the browser alone is enough. Each customer can register by Facebook or Google+ with just one click and he/she receives immediately the new virtual loyalty card, that gives access to the point collection and many other promotions.

The retailer can as well read the virtual card by his/her own smartphone, tablet or webcam. In this way, the customer identity is verified and the points can be loaded to the right account.

Moreover, from now on, Likella is the first service of this kind to exploit PassBook, the new virtual card management system embedded by Apple in the last version of its operating system, iOS6.

The customers who register by iPhone or iPad, updated to iOS6, can download the virtual loyalty cards into their PassBook, so that it will always be ready to use. Furthermore Passbook proposes automatically the card when the customer approaches the point of sale.

This is just one of the many services offered by the mobile commerce platform Likella: the retailers, beside the point collections, can interact directly with their customers by private messages, see their social profile (when public) and keep them updated on news and events.

Likella offers also the opportunity to join traditional plasticized loyalty cards to the new virtual cards, so that any kind of customer can be completely satisfied.
Finally, Likella WIFI has received a remarkable success: it is an hotspot, specially integrated with the platform, that enables the retailer to provide with free WIFI
all its customers who have activate their loyalty card



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