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Likella Management team

Likella Management team

The management team:

  1. Fabio Busa: CEOFabio Busa

    He starts as consultant in the organized distribution and as a developer for a software house in Ravenna. In 1997 he founds and manages Vista Tecnologie, operating mainly in software for the web, through all its progressive evolution; the most important projects developed in the last years have been:

  1. Sandra Palumbi: CMOSandra Palumbi

    Communication responsible for an excavation company, in 1997 founds Vista Tecnologie with Fabio Busa and becomes the Marketing&Commercial Responsible.


  2. Fabiano Taioli: CTOFabiano Taioli

    Master degree in information science.

    He has been analyst and developer for different companies for 9 years, but, since 2009, he has started collaborating with Vista Tecnologie, where he has become Web&Engineering Development Responsible.

  3. Franco Bontadini: CFOFranco Bontadini

    Master degree in economics.

    5 years as commercial agent, 5 years as internal auditor in Retail Channels, 5 years as EDP projects responsible, 10 years as innovation consultant for Retail Channel Processes, 10 years as direction consultant, M&A processes in the Retail Channel, 5 years as energy manager (mass retail channels and local institution).

    Since 2011, he collaborates with Vista Tecnologie in development and diffusion of the Likella project.

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