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Likella first "real" retail services "do it yourself" using iOS 6 Passbook


Likella is the new 'do-it-yourself' loyalty platform.
It's free, fast and extremely easy to set up a custom collection of points.
The shopkeeper prints the smartposter and invites his customers to join his web shop from their smartphones. There's no need for apps, the browser is enough.
Every customer by signing up with his Facebook or Google account, can immediately receive his virtual card on his smartphone.

The shopkeeper can scan customer's card with his smartphone, tablet or webcam.
By doing so he can verify every customer's identity and assign points.

Today Likella is the first service in its sort to take advantage of Passbook , the new virtual card management system integrated by Apple into the latest version of its famous O.S. for smartphones and tablets, iOS 6.

In fact, from today all the customers who sign up to a Likella shop with an iPhone or an iPad (updated to iOS6), will receive their virtual card directly through Passbook, so that anytime it's ready to use.

This is just one of the countless features offered from the mobile commerce platform of Likella.
The shopkeepers, in addition to the collection of points, will be able to interact with their customers via private messages, see their public social profile and keep them updated on the latest shop's news, offers and events.

Moreover, Likella offers the chance to join traditional plastic cards to the virtual ones with the purpose to reach the whole clientele. A great success has been reached by Likella WIFI, the hotspot specifically integrated to the platform that allows the shopkeeper to offer free WIFI netsurfing to all his registered customers.