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Likella attend @ Intelligent Retail Conference & Exhibition


Intelligent Retail Conference & Exhibition
Intelligent Retail Conference & Exhibition How to transform point of sale in a Services Center - Event promoted by Gruppo 24 ORE and Epson

Milan, May 16, 2013 - h 09:30 to 15:00
Mercedes Benz Center - Via Gallarate 450 - Street corner G. Daimler 1

Likella will be present with its own desk to present the latest news for retail. Anticipation of the next retail revolution.

The introduction of innovative technology in Retail, increasingly oriented towards multichannel and mobility make Cloud Computing a privileged instrument of implementation.
The Intelligent Retail Conference & Exhibition, organized by the Group 24ORE and Epson in partnership with GDOWEEK and MARK UP, represents an opportunity to find out how the Cloud can help transform the point of sale in point services, reducing costs, improving efficiency processes and, above all, improving the customer experience.

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The Event


Conferenza Epson Cloud Likella

A moment during the conference with the introduction of Likella as a platform for Loyalty Card



Cassa Likella con stampante e display FP-90III

The Likella solution by using WIFI connection:


Scontrino FP-90III Eppson Likella

Receipt Printer from Epson FP-90III with credit and customer points balance

Operator flow:

Printer flow

So simple!